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Playbook for Communication & Collaboration During a Bear Market

  • Use new “Economic Impact Quickflows” and other visuals to test portfolio performance during scenarios like the Coronavirus crisis, recessions and trade wars
  • Improve communication and collaboration with your team through sharing capabilities across YCharts tools—from the office or home!
  • Create a better, more personalized client experience with [NEW!] customization features in charts, portfolio reports, and other visuals

Scheduled for: 04/22/2020


[New!] Pre-built Screens, Charts, and Scenario Testing — How to get more from every YCharts tool

  • Find opportunities in the market with pre-built templates in YCharts Model Portfolios, Screeners, Data Tables, and Fundamental Charts
  • Use Scenario Testing Quickflows to visualize portfolio performance during historically significant market events
  • Leverage [NEW!] Mutual Fund, ETF, and index quote pages’ updated layout and data

Scheduled for: 05/20/2020


First Look at New YCharts Features

Get the most out of your subscription with a first look at YCharts’ New Features. Every month, the YCharts product team will share a sneak peek of new functionality that will enhance your user experience.

Scheduled for: 06/17/2020



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New in Model Portfolios: Blended Benchmarks, Portfolio Sleeves, and Advisory Fees

  • Create customized blended benchmarks to more accurately analyze portfolio performance
  • Build sleeves (portfolios included as holdings in other portfolios) to scale model portfolio creation or implement core-satellite strategies
  • Include advisory fees in Model Portfolios to give more precise returns data, compare fee structures, and reinforce your value

    Original Air Date: 03/19/2020


Product Release: Quickflows

  • Leverage pre-loaded screens, comparisons, and visualizations for every security type
  • Master advanced functionalities with the new, easy-to-reach Quickflows Menu
  • Carry a securities list with you from tool to tool for a more complete and organized research process

    Original Air Date: 01/22/2020


Charts of the Decade: How to turn market trends into next level client communication

  • Leverage YCharts resources, such as our Charts of the Decade blog, to create your own content
  • Simplify a market trend into a compelling visual for clients, prospects and peers
  • Become an expert chart maker with features like ratios and correlations

Original Air Date: 01/22/2020


Evaluate Exposures and Position Your Portfolios for Success

  • Collaborate with your team to review annual performance and risk through Model Portfolios Sharing feature
  • Dive into individual holdings to evaluate potential changes and opportunities using Quickflows
  • Measure the impact of your portfolio adjustments with Side-by-Side Portfolio Reports

Original Air Date: 12/18/2019


Product Deep Dive: An Easier Way to Follow the Markets

  • Review how to create and receive Custom Email Reports
  • Illustrate new Custom Email Reports to follow different markets
  • Introduce the latest feature release - Quickflows

Original Air Date: 11/13/2019


Using YCharts & Excel to Optimize Portfolio Management

  • Upload holdings to the Model Portfolios tool
  • Prepare reports using YCharts most popular Excel templates
  • Use the YCharts website and the Excel Add-in in tandem for client presentations

Original Air Date: 10/16/2019


3 Communication Strategies to Win, Delight, and Retain Your Clients

  • Use the Model Portfolio tool to win new business
  • Generate a Side by Side Comparison to highlight key differences between a client's portfolio and your proposal
  • Create regular content to engage your clients

Original Air Date: 9/19/2019


Go With the Flow: Using Fund Flows to Inform Investment Decisions

  • Learn how to use YCharts Fund Flow Report
  • Visualize fund flows using YCharts web tools
  • Construct tables to monitor Mutual Fund and ETF data

Original Air Date: 7/17/2019


3 Steps to Winning New Business

  • Generating key market talking points
  • Uploading client portfolios to the Model Portfolio tool
  • Leveraging the Excel Add-in to build custom reports

Original Air Date: 6/19/2019


Finding the Right Funds to Fit Your Strategy

  • Narrow a category of funds down to a shortlist of favorable options using the Fund Screener
  • Compare similar funds in Comp Tables based on factors important to your strategy
  • Leverage our new Fund Comparison Excel Template to present findings in an intuitive and efficient format

Original Air Date: 5/15/2019


Simplify and Scale Your Practice

  • Stay tapped into the market anywhere, anytime
  • Scale model strategy creation and effectively communicate with clients
  • Evaluate and compare ETFs and portfolios using YCharts

Original Air Date: 4/15/2019


Screening for Investment Ideas

  • Use the Stock Screener to to study trends in the retail sector
  • Evaluate custom metrics for a list of securities
  • Visualize economic data vs stocks in Fundamental Charts
  • Create a Custom Email Report on viable securities

Original Air Date: 3/13/2019


Using Data Tables for Sector Analysis

  • Use the Equity Screener to analyze the Semiconductor Industry
  • Review point-in-time valuation ratios and fundamental metrics within Comp Tables
  • Leverage the revamped Timeseries Analysis tool to study historical trends in securities’ valuations

Original Air Date: 2/13/2019


Navigating the New Fundamental Charts

  • Annotate price data with earnings announcements to see how the results affected the stock's performance
  • Visualize point in time annual rates of return since the beginning of your chart’s timeframe
  • View how close any metric is to it’s historic high, low, or average

Original Air Date: 1/16/2019


A Closer Look at Model Portfolios

  • Review how to Create Model Portfolios & Benchmarks
  • Analyze Model Portfolios via Data Tables
  • Study recessionary periods using Model Portfolios
  • Monitor Model Portfolios via Custom Email Reports

Original Air Date: 12/12/2018


Introduction to Model Portfolios

  • Visualize the hypothetical performance of a portfolio
  • Track & manage model portfolios used in your investment strategy
  • Build a blended benchmark & create custom indexes to compare with other securities
  • Validate & monitor the hypothetical performance of a new investment idea

Original Air Date: 10/23/2018


Leveraging Portfolio Holding Tools

  • Studying market trends using economic data in Fundamental Charts
  • Adding portfolio holdings to Excel Templates and analyzing portfolio characteristics
  • Optimizing portfolio holdings to incorporate market theses and various allocations

Original Air Date: 9/18/2018


Earnings - Don't Miss a Beat

  • Setting alerts on upcoming earnings dates
  • Finding companies with favorable estimates
  • Visualizing important metrics historically and forward-looking

Original Air Date: 8/15/2018


Custom Email Reports

  • Benefiting from Custom Email Reports
  • Editing email report templates
  • Creating email reports from scratch
  • Reviewing ways to use email reports

Original Air Date: 7/18/2018


Customizing Your YCharts Account

  • Setting up your dashboard
  • Creating default views in each tool
  • Constructing custom tables
  • Customizing Excel templates

Original Air Date: 6/20/2018


Introduction to Smart Beta

  • Defining Smart Beta
  • Understanding why Smart Beta is gaining in popularity
  • Leveraging YCharts tools

Original Air Date: 5/23/2018


Staying Alert During Market Volatility

  • Covering current market conditions
  • Setting up Dashboard & Alerts
  • Discussing other tools to leverage during market volatility

Original Air Date: 4/18/2018


Using Relative Calculations to Optimize Your Investment Analysis

  • Explaining how Relative Calculations are calculated
  • Examine Macroeconomic Factors and Market Fundamentals
  • Demonstrate how to use Relative Calculations in various YCharts Tools

Original Air Date: 3/14/2018


Navigating Through Sector Rotation

  • Study current sector rotation in equities
  • Use screening techniques to efficiently examine fund sector and security exposures
  • Evaluate sectors using YCharts Scoring Models to analyze risk/reward profile

Original Air Date: 2/14/2018


Addressing Market Concerns

  • Evaluate fund manager performance in past markets
  • Monitor leading indicators to help better time strategy changes
  • Present strategies to clients/prospects highlighting the preventive measures taken to protect clients

Original Air Date: 1/17/2018


Year-End Presentation Tools

  • Locating key market events
  • Visualizing key economic data
  • Creating presentation material

Original Air Date: 12/13/2017


Portfolio Rebalancing

  • An overview of YCharts Rebalancing & Tax Loss Harvesting tools
  • Working through a hypothetical rebalance & tax harvest

Original Air Date: 11/29/2017


Excel Add-in Functionality

  • Explaining YCP and YCS formulas
  • Analyzing YCharts most popular excel templates
  • Explaining re-sampling and aggregate function parameters in YCS formulas

Original Air Date: 9/20/2017


Economic Indicators

  • Locating key economic reports and data-sets
  • Understanding what tools are available to help analyze economic indicators
  • Learning how economic indicators relate to different markets

Original Air Date: 8/16/2017


Industry Analysis

  • Locating and utilizing Sector and Industry data in YCharts
  • Diving deep into analyzing an industry against its sector using benchmark proxies and economic data
  • Analyzing and Monitoring companies to find out-performers & key players

Original Air Date: 7/19/2017


REIT Webinar

  • Explaining what a REIT is
  • Common reasons why individuals invest in REITS
  • REIT specific metrics
  • How to screen for REITS

Original Air Date: 5/17/2017


Technical Analysis

  • Intro to Technicals on YCharts
  • Popular Metrics on YCharts
  • Using Technical Analysis in Screener
  • How to Leverage Technical Data in Excel

Original Air Date: 4/19/2017