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Michael Kitces Joins YCharts: New Research on Efficiency in Financial Planning

We're thrilled to be joined by Michael Kitces for a special presentation on the latest Kitces Research study, "How Financial Advisors Really Do Financial Planning." In this session, in which attendees can obtain CE credit, Michael will help you understand the time it takes to create & deliver a financial plan, potential time-savings opportunities, the role of staff support in scaling financial advice, how tech impacts planning efficiencies, & the interaction between planning expertise, experience, & niche specializations, in making the delivery of financial planning more efficient.

Scheduled for: 12/09/2020


First Look at New YCharts Features

Get the most out of your subscription with a first look at YCharts’ New Features. Every month, the YCharts product team will share a sneak peek of new functionalities that will enhance your user experience.


Scheduled for: 12/16/2020



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Compliance and Efficiency: Fulfill Requirements and Learn Best Practices Using YCharts

  • Leverage portfolio reports featuring industry best practices when communicating your investment strategy to clients and prospects
  • Demonstrate to regulators the steps your team has taken to be compliant and protect your clients’ best interests
  • Access all YCharts tools and features that complement your firm’s compliance efforts
         Original Air Date: 11/18/2020


YCharts Q3 2020 Econ Deck: Making Sense of GDP Whiplash & Record Growth

In this webinar, the YCharts team reviews our downloadable Quarterly Economic Summary Deck and:
  •  Break down the record growth numbers seen in last quarter’s US GDP release and other economic measures
  • Highlight interesting trends in Asset Class Performance and Major Market Indicators
  • Demonstrate how to white-label the Economic Summary Deck as your own for presenting to clients and prospects

         Original Air Date: 11/12/2020


Earnings in Focus: How to Capture Surprises, Revisions, and New Estimates

  • Harness Wall Street analyst recommendations and recent estimate revisions to aid your research of individual stocks and decision-making
  • View key metrics for companies with upcoming earnings using Quickflows and the [NEW!] “Earnings Radar” template
  • Access Product Release Notes within YCharts and use a newly redesigned menu to sort Model Portfolio & Fund PDF Reports

    Original Air Date: 10/14/2020


Lessons from 2020: Rita Cheng & Dasarte Yarnway on the State of Financial Planning and Changes That Are Here to Stay

  • Why Rita and Dasarte started their own financial planning firms, the inspiration behind their entrepreneurial spirit and their advice for advisors who are thinking about
    launching their own firm
  • Communication strategies Rita and Dasarte have implemented to keep clients focused on long-term financial planning
  • How 2020 has impacted the financial planning profession, including key topics Rita and Dasarte have revisited with clients this year to improve their financial plans

    Original Air Date: 10/07/2020


[NEW!] SMA Data on YCharts: Explore and Expand Your Research Capabilities with Separately Managed Accounts

  • Understand what Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs) are, which investors they’re best for, and how they can fit into your investment strategies
  • Use PDF Reports to compare SMAs against each other, other funds, and portfolios
  • Integrate the [NEW!] comprehensive SMA data set into your analyses and learn new workflows across several YCharts tools

    Original Air Date: 09/17/2020


Engaging Clients with Data-Driven Content and Analyzing the “All Weather Portfolio” with Nick Maggiulli

  • The philosophy behind the All Weather Portfolio, including what types of investors it may be best for and unique insights that Nick uncovered in his analysis
  • How Nick generates ideas for his blog and his process starting from a concept to a deep dive analysis
  • Nick’s advice for aspiring financial bloggers, his vision for the future of content creation in the industry and his favorite finance blogs to follow

    Original Air Date: 09/02/2020


[NEW!] in Model Portfolios: 3 Ways To Fortify Your Portfolios and Present to Clients

  • Access compliance-friendly Portfolio Reports to create better client deliverables
  • Identify and avoid correlated securities using the YCharts Excel Add-in and Quickflows
  • Upload transaction histories to [NEW!] Dynamic Model Portfolios for more flexible and accurate reporting

    Original Air Date: 08/19/2020


Breaking Down Our Q2 2020 Econ Deck: Can The Market Rally Continue?

  • Highlight interesting movements in leading indicators like housing starts, interest rates, and consumer sentiment
  • Break down recent Federal Reserve policy decisions using data and templates available in YCharts
  • Demonstrate how to customize the Economic Summary Deck for sharing with clients and prospects

    Original Air Date: 08/06/2020


Money Decisions in the Midst of a Crisis
with Brian Portnoy

In this webinar, Brian Portnoy, Ph.D., CFA, Founder at Shaping Wealth, joins our VP of Product Management, Caleb Eplett, to discuss how advisors can effectively manage client communications and heightened emotions during challenging market conditions.

Original Air Date: 07/22/2020


When will the economy recover? 5 leading indicators you should be watching

  • Incorporate important leading indicators into your investment strategy and client or prospect communications
  • Use YCharts to understand and visualize Federal Reserve meeting announcements
  • Leverage [NEW!] data and designs on Economic Indicator quote pages

    Original Air Date: 07/22/2020


5 New Tactics to Virtually Engage Your Clients and Prospects

YCharts CEO Sean Brown joined Twenty Over Ten CMO, Samantha Russell, to discuss 5 creative new ways advisory businesses can engage with clients and prospects virtually. Sean and Samantha cover why visual marketing is an invaluable piece of inbound marketing, how to tastefully implement visuals into your email, blog and social media, and how to use visual content to stand out amongst the crowd.

Original Air Date: 06/25/2020


What's that fund hiding under its hood? [NEW!] Mutual Fund & ETF Reports help you find out

  • Compare and contrast mutual funds and ETFs using [NEW!] Fund Overview Reports
  • Use relative performance data to illuminate the dark corners of your portfolio and measure the impact of security replacements
  • Leverage updated layouts and data on [NEW!] Mutual Fund, ETF, and index quote pages

    Original Air Date: 06/17/2020


Thriving in a Post-Covid Landscape: 5 Tips for Future-Focused RIAs

How has the coronavirus crisis impacted the go-forward strategy for today's RIAs?

To answer that question, and a whole lot more, Shirl Penney, President and CEO at Dynasty Financial Partners joined our President & CEO, Sean Brown, for a discussion on how to orient your practice for growth, the profile of a well-positioned independent RIA, strategies to strengthen your practice and much more!

Original Air Date: 06/03/2020


Uncovering Investing Ideas and Opportunities with [New!] Pre-Built Screens, Charts, and Scenario Testing

  • Find opportunities in the market with pre-built templates in YCharts Model Portfolios, Screeners, Data Tables, and Fundamental Charts
  • Leverage the YCharts blog, webinars and other content in your communications with clients and prospects
  • Use Scenario Testing Quickflows to visualize portfolio performance during historically significant market events

    Original Air Date: 05/20/2020


Reviewing A Turbulent Q1 2020: Market insights in a customizable, client-friendly slide deck

  • Highlight interesting movements in leading indicators like housing starts, interest rates, and consumer sentiment
  • Break down recent Federal Reserve policy decisions using data and templates available in YCharts
  • Demonstrate how to customize the Economic Summary Deck for sharing with clients and prospects

    Original Air Date: 05/05/2020


Playbook for Communication & Collaboration During a Bear Market

  • Use new “Economic Impact Quickflows” and other visuals to test portfolio performance during scenarios like the Coronavirus crisis, recessions and trade wars
  • Improve communication and collaboration with your team through sharing capabilities across YCharts tools—from the office or home!
  • Create a better, more personalized client experience with [NEW!] customization features in charts, portfolio reports, and other visuals

    Original Air Date: 04/22/2020

Charting Through the Coronavirus Crisis with Ben Carlson

In this webinar, Ben and Caleb will breakdown a series of charts that will:
  • Provide context to what's happening in the markets amid recent volatility
  • Outline how the coronavirus crisis is impacting the global markets
  • Breakdown trends we've seen formulate throughout Q1

    Original Air Date: 04/02/2020


New in Model Portfolios: Blended Benchmarks, Portfolio Sleeves, and Advisory Fees

  • Create customized blended benchmarks to more accurately analyze portfolio performance
  • Build sleeves (portfolios included as holdings in other portfolios) to scale model portfolio creation or implement core-satellite strategies
  • Include advisory fees in Model Portfolios to give more precise returns data, compare fee structures, and reinforce your value

    Original Air Date: 03/19/2020


Product Release: Quickflows

  • Leverage pre-loaded screens, comparisons, and visualizations for every security type
  • Master advanced functionalities with the new, easy-to-reach Quickflows Menu
  • Carry a securities list with you from tool to tool for a more complete and organized research process

    Original Air Date: 01/22/2020


Charts of the Decade: How to turn market trends into next level client communication

  • Leverage YCharts resources, such as our Charts of the Decade blog, to create your own content
  • Simplify a market trend into a compelling visual for clients, prospects and peers
  • Become an expert chart maker with features like ratios and correlations

Original Air Date: 01/22/2020


Evaluate Exposures and Position Your Portfolios for Success

  • Collaborate with your team to review annual performance and risk through Model Portfolios Sharing feature
  • Dive into individual holdings to evaluate potential changes and opportunities using Quickflows
  • Measure the impact of your portfolio adjustments with Side-by-Side Portfolio Reports

Original Air Date: 12/18/2019


Product Deep Dive: An Easier Way to Follow the Markets

  • Review how to create and receive Custom Email Reports
  • Illustrate new Custom Email Reports to follow different markets
  • Introduce the latest feature release - Quickflows

Original Air Date: 11/13/2019


Using YCharts & Excel to Optimize Portfolio Management

  • Upload holdings to the Model Portfolios tool
  • Prepare reports using YCharts most popular Excel templates
  • Use the YCharts website and the Excel Add-in in tandem for client presentations

Original Air Date: 10/16/2019


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