Hindsight On 2020: Charts of the Year with Josh Brown

2020 has truly been an unforgettable and unforgivable year, one that we are all ready to put in our rear view. From negative oil contracts, to the Dow reaching 30k, to the coronavirus crash, this year has seemingly packed in a decade’s worth of market activity. To discuss everything that was 2020, we enlisted the help of Josh Brown to break down the “Charts of the Year.”

With charts provided by Charlie Bilello, Tyrone Ross, Lyn Alden and several other advisors, investors and analysts across the industry. Watch our webinar we look back on some of the biggest market movements, story stocks, economic figures and much more. Hindsight is always 2020!

To access all of the charts discussed in this webinar, navigate to our Fundamental Chart tool, click "New Fundamental Chart," click "New from Template" and find the "Charts of 2020" menu.


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